From 0 to 30,000 attributed leads.

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Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of major appliances, but their builder/contractor marketing team saw an opportunity for Whirlpool Corporation to own and define leadership.

No other brand was ready or able to claim the number-one position in the channel. They asked 2.718 Marketing to help them do it. Step 1: Create a CRM database from scratch. Step 2: Fill it with thousands of tradespeople, hungry for information to help them get ahead of the market.

THE Whirlpool Corporation GROWTH SNAPSHOT

30,000+ marketing-qualified leads

segmented by audience

57% increase in leads

from 2019-2020 alone

57% increase in leads

from 2019-2020 alone

Up to

19 value-add emails

generated every year, per segment

10% Average CTR

nearly 5x industry average

>68% MQLs

deemed qualified by their sales reps

Over $2.1 million

in additional product sales in year 1 of the CRM program


Primary research and data analysis revealed the kind of leadership the channel was looking for. That research helped us decide we needed to build a CRM database, and then craft an integrated campaign that encourages audience members to add themselves.

When they sign up, users self-select their market segments, which enables us to serve them relevant content that can actually help them make business decisions. And the trust we’re building with them translates into increased sales.

Creative Campaign

The “Count on Us” campaign includes breakthrough ads placed across the target audiences’ most-trusted channels (as revealed by our research). The ads are focused on assuring them that Whirlpool Corporation can solve their most pressing pain points.


Once in the database, each segment receives periodic emails (once or twice a month) with thought leadership content specific to their jobs. And they clearly find them valuable — the average clickthrough rate is 9.76%, compared to the industry average of 1.9%.


The first year of the campaign garnered $2.1 million in additional product sales, directly attributable to our strategic approach and impactful creative. More than five years later, we continue to tweak the program and optimize our strategy; 2020 saw a 57% increase in leads from the preceding year, over 68% of which were deemed sales-qualified. We can’t wait to see what year 6 might bring!


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