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U.S. Tsubaki, a world leader in the manufacturing and supplying of motion control and power transmission products, needed to grab the attention of maintenance and operations pros at the plant and corporate levels – and prove that they could deliver more than just exceptional products. And luckily for 2.718 Marketing, through interviews with customers and internal and external stakeholders, we discovered that they had one key ingredient that their competitors couldn’t touch – mountains of expertise.

The U.S. Tsubaki Growth Snapshot

1 smart brand

30+ collateral pieces

30+ collateral pieces

1 website refresh

1 clever campaign

1 clever campaign

1 hefty promotion

510,149 impressions
1,579 interested prospects


By uncovering their key point-of-difference, we exposed a truly ownable position in the marketplace: That it’s Tsubaki – and only Tsubaki – that has the industry expertise to proactively optimize their clients’ operations.


With the positioning in place, we could then move on to a new tagline. Since the products Tsubaki manufactures all contribute to optimizing operations by keeping plant and factory lines moving with no downtime, “Leading the Movement” became the rallying cry.

But what about the brand look and feel? Might as well clean that up while we we’re at it. Our 2.718 design dream-team stepped in and brought the idea of movement to the forefront across so many deliverables it could make your head spin.


2.718 continued moving Tsubaki in the right direction with a refreshed website that aligned to their new brand standards and positioning. Redesigning 10 pages, implementing expert UX, and tapping the color-coding system created during the design overhaul to help visitors easily review their 5 different product categories.


Another discovery we made during our interviews and research? That U.S. Tsubaki provided an exceptional level of partnership. But how do you create a marketing campaign that says “partner” without sounding like the rest of the B2B world? Enter the trusty Tsidekick.

Not only did the campaign deliver brand awareness, but it also put the brand front-and-center while helping customers pronounce their name!


We followed that up with a strategic media plan that included leveraging our in-house DSP and LinkedIn placements to bring attention to a new promotional campaign for their ProService and ProInstall services. So far, we have helped Tsubaki land 510,149 impressions and drive interest from 1,579 targets simply by highlighting their ability to optimize customer operations.


In the end, we were able to successfully evolve U.S. Tsubaki and elevate them to the stature they deserved, while growing brand awareness and delivering leads their sales team could really move on.


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