From unknown to $1MM in 1 year.

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One of the biggest impediments to a remodeling project is the tremendous amount of dust generated throughout a home. Aside from being toxic and hazardous, 85% of homeowners agree that jobsite dust is the most serious inconvenience of remodeling.

That pain point is why BuildClean — a new product from Illinois Tool Works (ITW) — was created.


B2B2C launch of brand new BuildClean machine in market

33.2MM+ media impressions

33.2MM+ media impressions

Double the industry average email open rate at 35%

1,200+ trade and consumer

PR placements

1,200+ trade and consumer

PR placements

$1MM in annual sales

first year


ITW sold BuildClean directly to remodelers, allowing them to seriously mitigate dust and thereby gain a competitive advantage. However, we added to that a multifaceted push/pull strategy which successfully incented consumer demand and ultimately took them to over $1MM in sales in their first year in market.


2.718 crafted an integrated marketing plan to build awareness and demand among contractors and homeowners. A new, persona-based website served as the hub of these efforts – giving both audiences a custom interface to learn more about the product.

Direct mail – yes, direct mail – designed with a dust-like texture, spurred sales among the top 200 remodelers and awareness with consumers.

Print and digital media grabbed 33.2MM+ media impressions and our email drip campaign saw a 35% open rate – nearly 2X the industry average. Awareness, consideration, and website visits? Done and done.

Product demo videos showcased BuildClean’s effectiveness at minimizing dust migration and providing a healthier, cleaner environment for homeowners throughout the remodeling process.

And not only did homeowners love BuildClean, they were even willing to do testimonials for the brand.


PR and custom content played a large role. These efforts included:

  • Trade outreach
  • Bylined articles
  • Broadcast interviews
  • And much more

Influencer outreach via the social media platform Houzz specifically targeted homeowners who were considering a remodeling project — creating an interactive dialog that prompted contractors to buy.

A special report on the hazards of remodeling dust shed light on the need for BuildClean during home remodeling projects.


In the end, we were able to successfully evolve our year-1 website to an ecomm interface where BuildClean gained incremental sales through accessory bundles and direct-to-consumer purchases.


Email us, or call Liz Brohan at 312.661.1050.

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