Unmi’s Words of Wisdom

I began my career in finance on Wall Street in a position that everyone seemed to want…but I wanted something more. So I took a leap toward my passion, left banking and jumped into a job at a foundation. Today, my position is all about helping people share ideas and connecting them to individuals they might not otherwise know. Innovation and advancement come from employing ideas in new ways, to new situations. It’s exciting when that happens.

About the Author

Unmi left an esteemed career in Wall Street finance to follow a passion for helping those less fortunate. As President of the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, Unmi serves Chicago communities through arts, education, employment and health initiatives. She further advocates for philanthropy through appointments to the boards of several organizations. She is past Chair of the Asian American Justice Center, and was appointed by President Obama to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. With her unique perspectives and stellar skills, Unmi is also a sought-after writer, speaker and story-teller.

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