Kantha’s Words of Wisdom

When I was just three years old, I discovered that not everyone grew up with safe or sufficient food. I resolved then to find a way to make tasty, nutritious foods a human right, not a privilege.

So I committed myself to learning – and eventually teaching – the art and science of food safety and nutrition.

Here’s the brilliant thing about working with food: everyone participates in one way or another. And when you get it right, everyone wins.

About the Author

Kantha’s desire to feed the world healthy food — and to do it sustainably — led to an esteemed career in food and nutrition science. Respected globally for her expertise, Kantha consults on innovation, commercialization, safety and regulations for numerous established food and ingredient enterprises and entrepreneurs. A member of —and communicator for — the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) since 1981, she is also an editor with multiple industry publications, and serves as an expert witness for food industry litigations and recalls. Author, blogger, sought-after speaker and broadcast personality, Kantha is the Gold Standard authority on myriad aspects of food and nutrition.

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