Julia’s Words of Wisdom

I facilitate my passion by creating relatable, humorous and beautifully human dance-theatre productions. A big part of that is maintaining an organizational culture that is highly collaborative and invites thoughtful risk-taking. This approach is at the heart of Lucky Plush’s mission and has allowed me to sustain the company’s creative output and continually bring my work to stages of international profile.

About the Author

Julia’s multiple creations for Chicago’s preeminent dance theatre ensemble have toured the world. Known as a leading creator of “smart, funny and contemporary” dance theatre, her performances embrace risk, vulnerability and change, taking an improv-comic approach to serious social issues. Julia is nationally recognized for spearheading two sustainability initiatives at the cutting-edge of nonprofit management. Under her leadership, Lucky Plush received the prestigious MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. Julia shares her methods and vision as a guest speaker at universities across the U.S. and as a part-time lecturer and dance advisor at the University of Chicago.

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