Audrey’s Words of Wisdom

I am spoiled. I mix work with passion all the time, [especially when] teaching, advising and writing. Celebrating life in the present moment; enchanting clients; observing transcendence and happiness while offering craftsmanship, creativity, beauty, elegance, art, [and] pleasure – these are the things that I cherish most within the field of luxury marketing.

My ultimate ambition is to be part of this disruptive, yet authentic, “millennial luxe” that has been emerging as of late. I am working on creating brands that feel real and talk back.

About the Author

As the founder of the French luxury marketing agency Epykomène, Audrey knows more than a thing or two about high-end fashion branding. She’s even published a book on the subject called Marque and Luxe. For the past twelve years, Audrey has dedicated her career to traveling the globe, studying luxury trends and advising some of the world’s most exclusive brands, including Gucci, Beneteau, Christian Dior and more.

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