Patricia’s Words of Wisdom

I am deeply dedicated to helping people in any way, shape or form. I use my position to facilitate my passion by putting in every effort to do justice and protect my clients from any and all threats. I love being a counselor, advocate, protector, confidante. Most of all, I am passionate about making my clients happy!

About the Author

Tenacious, determined and widely respected, Patricia is the first African-American woman in the nation to be managing partner and have her name on the door of a major law firm that is not women- or minority-owned. A former judge and prosecutor, she is renowned for leadership of high-stakes internal investigations and commercial trials in city, state and federal court. A champion for diversity, she is active in civic and nonprofit organizations and recognized with multiple awards. Patricia’s breadth of expertise, coupled with her undisputed integrity and charismatic personality, make her an irreplaceable advocate and trusted confidante to her clients.

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