Angela’s Words of Wisdom

I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago where most families, including mine, lived below the poverty level, and there weren’t many examples of “success” stories. Because of my past, I believe that people have much to offer if they are in a safe environment, provided with an opportunity and given a little guidance and a lot of support. When the well of human potential is tapped, the opportunity runs deep, and the results are often astonishing. I use my position as CEO of a law firm to influence change by creating and offering opportunities for people. This approach always results in a multiplier impact.

About the Author

Angela isn’t one to back down in the face of difficult challenges. On the contrary, she oversees all financial and operational functions as CEO of Levenfeld Pearlstein, including business development, marketing, human resources and technology. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what she does. In addition to being a member of the firm’s Executive and Compensation Committees, Angela is also the chief architect of its innovative client experience strategy, The LP Way™. A communications-focused leader, she regularly offers attorneys and staff the opportunity to voice their perspective through “Ask Angie” open sessions.

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