Renee’s Words of Wisdom

My true passion is human potential — and seeing people turn their lives around. As the president of a higher education institution, I get to do that every day. I use my position to help light the light of others.

One of our core tenets is that everyone deserves someone who believes in them. It is surprising how many people don’t have that. I love that we can change “impossible” to “I’m Possible” for others.

About the Author

Renee is literally Hell on Heels. Taking after the name of her classic rock band, she is known for her diligence, knowledge and natural leadership ability. Prior to taking the reins as president of Herzing University, she has held various positions at the institution, including registrar, director of admissions and president of Herzing Online. In addition to her current role, she serves on the board for the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU), using her valuable experience in higher education to shape the growth of academia across the country.

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