Dorrit’s Words of Wisdom

I believe in helping women in underdeveloped countries. I insisted on having an office in every country we manufactured in. This allowed us to monitor safety, prevent child labor and provide income for women. The paycheck she brings home is key to her being valued. It’s that simple.

About the Author

With a brilliant, sparkling sense of humor and a wildly successful track record, Dorrit is a force to be reckoned with in the world of retail. She’s held many roles from apparel retail buyer to division VP – to becoming the first woman officer in the history of Sears Roebuck & Co. A proven turnaround expert, Dorrit is single-handedly credited with rescuing Charming Shoppes from near bankruptcy to emerge as the nation’s leading plus-sized retailer in women’s fashion. She has earned much recognition for her work, including the Distinguished Leadership Award from the University of Washington and Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business. Along the way, she has dedicated her time to philanthropic efforts, having launched Keeping Kids Warm and lending support to Philadelphia’s Working Wardrobe.

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