Kate’s Words of Wisdom

I am passionate about opening doors for the next generation of women leaders…and helping them step through with confidence. That’s what drives much of what we do at TCN. It’s all about leveling the playing field, making sure that women at any stage can understand how the world works, [know] the opportunities that are available, and access the tools to navigate their careers and achieve their goals. I’m privileged to have a job that enables me to do this and am absolutely energized by our members who give back so generously, and by the high potential young women – from high school girls to professionals – who fill me with great enthusiasm and hope for our future.

About the Author

The head of Chicago’s premier, invitation-only organization for professional women, Kate has had a flourishing career in both law and upper management. Prior to becoming president and CEO of The Chicago Network, she was a partner at Schiff Harden, and later vice president at Conlon Public Strategies (now Conlon & Dunn Public Strategies). Today, Kate is committed to paying her success forward, helping young women build the connections and skills they need to thrive in the C-suite.

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